about Mayhem Sports

Crafted by Drivers

What sets Mayhem Motor Sports apart is our deep connection to the driving side-by-side cars community. As drivers ourselves, we intimately understand the nuances of the road and the demands it places on both the drivers and their gear.

Mayhem Sports, where we craft unparalleled suites designed exclusively for the adventurous drivers of side-by-side vehicles.
mong these pioneers were maintenance workers from golf courses, ranch hands, and landscapers, all of whom embraced the thrill of off-road exploration.

Uncompromising Quality

Quality is the cornerstone of Mayhem Motor Sports. From the selection of premium materials to the precision of our craftsmanship, we take pride in delivering gear that stands up to the rigors of the road.


Our commitment to excellence ensures that each piece of gear not only meets industry standards but exceeds them, providing riders with a level of confidence that is as unyielding as our dedication to quality.


ever-evolving experience with mayhem motorsports

At Mayhem Sports, we recognize the passion and spirit of adventure that drives side-by-side vehicle enthusiasts. Our suites are meticulously crafted to enhance your off-road experience, providing comfort, style, and functionality. Join us as we elevate your off-road escapades to new heights with Mayhem Sports.


Gear up, throttle down, and let the Mayhem Motorsports join you in your adventure!